Powder coating booths

We create powder painting booths that are suitable for the employment of powder coatings to meet any of your company’s needs.

Powder coatings are nowadays mainly used in the industrial milieu, as they present several advantages in their application:

  • Lower costs of waste powder disposal
  • Lower environmental impact, thanks to the absence of solvent emissions
  • Reduced waste, thanks to the opportunity of recovering and reusing sprayed powder
  • Easier hand application than liquid paint
  • Reduced baking time, compared to liquid paint’s drying time
  • No environmental issues related to paint storage
  • Lower cost of the system
  • Higher productivity

Unlike liquid paint, however, it is necessary to employ a high temperature baking oven – 20 minutes at 170°C or 10 minutes at 200°C – for powder curing, and also not all components and materials can be powder coated (e.g. pre-assembled parts or materials which do not tolerate high temperatures).

Depending on the needs of your business, Eurotherm technicians will direct you towards the optimum choice to ensure a fast and flexible quality powder coating.

cabina di verniciatura a polvere

4.0 powder coating booths

Eurotherm engineers are at the forefront in the creation of 4.0 powder coating booths that are designed to be connected to production lines in full compliance with the parameters required by the regulations of the Transition Plan 4.0.

cabine di verrniciatura a polverecabine di verrniciatura a polvere

Our worldwide experience makes us a leader in the field of powder coating booths.

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Suction walls for powder coating

Suction walls guarantee air suction at a speed of 0,5 m/s, subsequently filtered through special cartridges that retain the dusts.

During the painting process, the pneumatic cleaning system is active: through a high-pressure tank and electro valves managed by a control unit, it regularly introduces compressed air inside each cartridge in counter-pressure.

Thanks to this cleaning system, all the dust that tends to clog the filtering cartridges during the suction process is removed from the cartridges and deposited inside the drawers that are designed to contain it. Here the powder can be subsequently disposed of or reused for ensuing painting cycles or to treat and protect components in hidden areas (if the company applies a lot of color changes by mixing various colors together).

Download the product sheet here.

Custom powder coating booths

Powder coating cabins consist of painted, preinsulated panel walls and roof, as well as recessed LED lamps. The panels are supported by metallic carpentry and assembled in modules, in order to adapt to any space requirement and required size.

There is also a support for an electrostatic gun assigned to ventilation, which interrupts the suction of the suction wall when the gun is not in use, thus ensuring significant energy savings.

Pre-insulated walls and roof are intrinsically soundproofed and guarantee acoustic insulation outside the cabin. The inside of the suction wall and in particular the area of the compressed air tank and cartridges are also assembled with the use of special soundproofing panels to minimize noise in order to ensure a safe working environment. The efficiency of the filter cartridges is constantly monitored by a differential pressure switch that signals any anomaly.

Upon request, it is also possible to install a by-pass system of the outgoing air, in order to convey it, for example, outside the facility in summer and inside the hangar in winter, thus achieving significant energy saving. In the latter case, it will be necessary to add a further stage of filtration with HEPA finisher filters, capable of retaining 99.95% of dust so as not to alter the quality of the air inside the facility.

Internal cabin ventilation is essential for the health of the operators, as well as for a quality end result. To determine which type of ventilation is best suited to your company’s needs, Eurotherm technicians will carefully assess the types of parts you will be processing (shape, weight, material, production rate) in order to advise you best.

Automatic powder coating booth

Automatic powder coating cabins are designed to meet the needs of those companies requiring to paint many lots consisting of many pieces of small or medium size with a high production rate. It is the most suitable solution to be inserted in partially or completely automatic (continuous) systems, yet thanks to its flexibility it can also be inserted in manual systems, thus contributing to automate the painting phase.

Eurotherm automatic powder coating booths are entirely made of self-supporting PVC panels that are welded together; the use of this material has been chosen to facilitate the cleaning of the booth’s inside from the powder coating and thus ensure the rapid change of color. Our booths are indeed equipped with a cleaning system which – through pulses of compressed air – does not allow dust to settle on the bottom of the booth.

This type of booth is usually supplied with an automatic painting system consisting of a series of automatic powder coating guns. Through the use of reciprocators with an automatic piece detection system, they automatically paint, adjusting their stroke (in terms of distance from the piece and amplitude of movement) according to the pieces detected. Parallel to this system we always envisage two stations for the manual touch up.

Automatic powder coating recovery system

Between the external filter unit and the cabin it is possible to insert a cyclone connected to a color center for the automatic recovery and reuse of powder coating.

This system is well suited for automatic powder coating booths that are needed to paint large batches of semi-finished products of the same color.

Inside the cyclone (combined with an external filter group) an air flow is created, by means of which the powder coating is separated from the lighter impurities which are expelled and filtered in the filter group.

The heavier powder coating settles on the bottom and is filtered, separated from the larger slags and fed into the color center for immediate reuse.

External filter unit

With this system it is possible to delocalize the whole suction group constituted by the filter cartridges, the pressure cleaning system and the suction unit, by placing it, for example, outside the hangar or in a technical room separated from the working environment. The filter unit will have to be connected to the powder coating booth by a duct which may be several meters long.

In the lower part of the filter unit there is also a tank for dust recovery and disposal. The latter can also be replaced by a rotary valve which, by rotating, recovers all the dust directly into a big bag, thus eliminating any clogging and ensuring rapid disposal.

The main advantage of the external filter unit, compared to the suction wall, is given by the fact that by isolating the filter unit in another environment the noise level will be much lower, and it will be easier to perform maintenance, cleaning and emptying of the dust recovery tank.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to consider the higher costs of:

  • construction and assembly as, in addition to the filter unit, it will be necessary to install a suction grid in the cabin and a series of connecting ducts;
  • management, due to the increased power of the vacuum cleaner necessary for the greater pressure drop given by the distance of the additional ducting.

For these reasons, we recommend the external filter unit mainly for manual powder coating booths with vertical flow and automatic powder coating cabins.

FAQs about Eurotherm powder coating booths

What are the dimensions of the painting booths?

We mainly manufacture custom-made booths, designed to meet any production or space requirements. Our technical team will be able to counsel you best, from design to testing.

How do the pieces enter the powder coating cabins?

The entrance of the pieces inside Eurotherm powder coating cabins can occur, depending on your needs, through manual or automatic overhead conveyor. It is however also possible to use manual carts, forklifts or overhead cranes.

What fields do Eurotherm powder coating booths operate for?

The main fields are industrial (light and heavy carpentry), interior/exterior furnishing, urban furnishing, windows and doors.

What kind of powder coatings can be used in the cabins?

Mainly epoxy powder coating, our technical department will support you and possibly recommend the most suitable powder coating for your specific production needs.

Are Eurotherm powder coating booths covered by warranty?

The booth and all its components are covered by warranty as per current regulations.

Are painting cabins built with or without foundations?

The suction walls, the horizontal flow spray booths and the automatic powder booths do not require any construction work. In the vertical flow booths, on the contrary, air and dust suction will take place inside the ducts palced in the foundations.

Powder coating booths without foundations can be easily disassembled and reassembled in another place and can be a good solution for those companies that, for example, find themselves working in rented hangars or need to carry out particular temporary works.

Our technical team can advise you on the best solution for your own needs.

Does Eurotherm also design complete workflows?

We design and build powder coating cabins that are specifically conceived to be inserted in line with the washing, drying and high temperature curing tunnel, in order to guarantee a complete workflow, depending on your own needs.

Eurotherm creates innovative solutions to meet all needs.

Contact us and tell us about your business for a customized quote.

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