All the booths and painting systems made by Eurotherm are built entirely to measure to adapt to any space and final result requirements.


Shotblasting booths

Our manual shotblasting booths are custom designed and allow you to manually carry out shotblasting on any surface, removing oxidation, encrustations, residual paint, and other impurities.

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Manual washing booths

The result of the finish is decided by the most suitable surface pre-treatment for the type of material. The manual washing booths are used for washing operations of metal components or semi-finished products using a high-pressure washer.

Washing tunnel

In the world of industrial washing, tunnels and washing cells represent the solution for the pre-treatment of parts with a high production rate and allow up to 6 subsequent automatic washing phases via spray nozzles.

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Powder painting booths

The powder painting booths can be made with horizontal flow or vertical flow ventilation and can be inserted in manual, but also partially or completely automatic systems, thanks to their versatility.

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Liquid painting booths

Painting booths suitable for use with water- or solvent-based paints, from the simple suction front for manual painting, to pressurized booths with controlled temperature and humidity.

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Drying and polymerization ovens

Eurotherm’s industrial drying and polymerization ovens are available in three main types: direct fired, with electric heating elements (or hybrids) or with a combustion chamber, for temperatures up to 250°C.

Powder coating systems

Powder coating systems respond to different requests: from manual to fully automatic systems. Based on customer’s needs, Eurotherm offers solutions that allow great flexibility, waste reduction and energy saving.

Liquid painting systems

The liquid painting systems are created paying attention to the quality of the painting of the final product, taking care that dust and impurities do not pollute the inside of the system and optimizing the work cycle for maximum management flexibility.

Rotational systems for cosmetics

Our rotational systems, also suitable for cosmetics, are suitable for the liquid painting of plastic, glass and wooden components for the cosmetics and tableware sector, but also of wooden artefacts and small metal components.

Storage containers and technical rooms

Containers, storage modules and paint preparation rooms allow the storage and mixing of large quantities of paints, with a very small overall footprint. Human-scale environments created with a modular criteria.

CTA/UTA air handling units

Air handling units (AHU) are built to serve liquid painting booths to meet pressurization, heat recovery, pre-filtration, heating, cooling and humidity and temperature control needs.

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