Revamping a shot-blasting booth

What to do when a shot-blasting booth has reached such a level of wear over the years that it can no longer guarantee its required production performance? As a company, you find yourself with two options:

When to revamp the booth and when to scrap it?

Revamping is advisable if the sand-blasting booth has not yet reached a level of wear that makes it unusable, and it is therefore possible to retain its structural elements.

In these cases, Eurotherm technicians, after a thorough assessment during their inspection, will carry out a series of interventions aimed at upgrading the sandblasting booth. The goal is to restore the complete functionality of the booth and, in most cases, even improve it compared to the past, without neglecting the ergonomics and quality of the working environment.

Goals and results of revamping booths

By revamping, it is possible for the company to pursue such goals as:

  • energy saving (thanks to motors with inverters);
  • modernization of the grit recovery system;
  • simplified maintenance;
  • re-use of existing components;
  • re-use of existing building works;
  • re-use of existing chimneys (exempt from emission declaration);
  • modernization of lighting system;
  • optimization of the production process;
  • increased quality of finish;
  • personnel safety.

In fact, the future of a company is also conveyed through the use of high-performance systems that allow these goals to be achieved efficiently and with the least possible waste of resources (in terms of time, personnel, energy and material costs).

With revamping, it is possible to achieve excellent results by saving up to 50% on the overall cost of a new sand-blasting system, by intervening on:

  • upgrading with more efficient and less energy-intensive electric motors;
  • replacement or addition of anti-abrasion plates on walls and roof;
  • replacement or addition of lamps with lexan protection screen and LED lighting;
  • restoration or modernization of the grit recovery system (conveyors, scrapers, auger, separator, elevator and silos);
  • restoration of external dust collector cartridge filter;
  • restoration of sandblaster and blasting system with original Clemco accessories.

These types of work are indispensable after a few years of intense use, since sandblasting is an operation that, by its own very nature, entails high wear and tear on all the components involved.

For these reasons, we always recommend a complete check-up of the system through regular scheduled maintenance to prevent any breakdowns or unwanted production blockages.

Painting booths can also be revamped!

If your company has outdated booths, Eurotherm’s technical department will help you recover and refurbish them.

Contact us and tell us about your business for a customized quote.

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