Liquid painting booths

We manufacture painting cabins that are suitable for both water-based or solvent-based coatings. From the simple suction front for manual painting, to pressurized booths with controlled temperature and humidity inserted in the painting line to meet all your needs.

Liquid coating is a process that requires full compliance with three important objectives:

  • the achievement of the desired quality
  • the safety of the coating operator,
  • the compliance with environmental regulations.

Eurotherm’s painting cabins are designed with these requirements in mind, preventing dust or other impurities from entering the system and optimizing the work cycle in order to save energy for the company.

4.0 liquid painting booths

Eurotherm technicians are at the forefront in the realization of 4.0 painting cabins, designed to be connected to production lines in full compliance with the parameters required by the regulations of the Transition Plan 4.0.

cabine di verniciatura a liquido

Suction walls for liquid coating

All cabins guarantee the passage of air at a speed of around 0.5 m/s, but they differ depending on the specific process that is employed to filter the air.

Standard suction walls with dry filtration

Depending on the size you need, you may purchase from us:

  • Minidry, our compact suction walls for color testing or painting small components.
    Download the product sheet here.
  • Tecnodry, the most cost-effective range of suction walls.
    Download the product sheet here.

These first two series of booths feature simple pleated cardboard filtration, while a second filtration featuring fiberglass filtering cells is an optional.

  • Eurodry and Eurodry H, the professional range available in two heights (2 and 3 meters) feature a standard primary filtration in pleated cardboard, as well as a second filtration with glass fiber filter cells.
    Download the product sheets here: EurodryEurodry H
  • Also available is the Eurodry CA range, which, in addition to primary and secondary filtration, is equipped with an additional filtering layer consisting of activated carbon cartridges.
    Download the product sheet here.

Suction walls with water film filtration

The water film suction wall is made entirely of stainless steel, and the paint filtration system consists of a waterfall as primary filtration, and a series of water cones as secondary filtration.

Eurotherm’s water curtain walls are completely customizable in shape and size and are designed to be incorporated into in-line painting systems or already existing painting booths.

With water curtain walls, your company won’t need to worry about replacing the filters periodically. This way, you will eliminate the fixed cost of purchasing and replacing filters, and will only have to treat the recirculating water through a purifier or similar.

This is an optimal filtration system particularly for industrial productions with elevated production requirements.

Dry painting booth and water-based painting booth – which one should you choose?

Although both types of cabin are designed to meet the same coating requirements, they present different features. Both types can be easily integrated into coating systems with automatic step-by-step or continuous processing and fully automatic coating systems.

Dry painting booths are particularly suitable for large-scale components with lower production rates, while water curtain coating cabins are designed for coating large batches at higher production rates.

Our worldwide experience makes us a leader in the field of painting booths.

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Custom liquid paint booths

Eurotherm creates tailor-made liquid painting booths to solve any problem related to processing objects of any shape and size.

Liquid painting cabins are designed and built according to your actual needs, the pieces to be treated and the location where they will be placed.

Eurotherm liquid coating booths mainly consist of the following components and can be customized according to your needs:

  • Suction wall with double filtration;
  • Walls and roof made of 50mm mineral wool pre-insulated panels sealed together with watertight supporting carpentry;
  • LED lamps for internal lighting integrated in the walls and roof;
  • Manual industrial door with pre-insulated packing;
  • Electrical control panel;
  • Air treatment unit for controlled temperature and humidity;
  • Motorized rolling door;
  • Automatic roof opening for crane passage;
  • Lifting platforms.

The goal of Eurotherm’s liquid coating booths is simple:the less contamination in the working environment, the higher the quality of the final coating. In order to achieve this, we use a number of measures, depending on your needs.

Horizontal flow liquid coating booths

This is our basic solution for carrying out liquid coating in safe conditions.

Air is sucked in directly from the front opening of the booth through the suction wall located in the bottom.

Liquid coating booths with oblique flow

This solution, unlike the previous one, is equipped with a front closing door. This allows the entry of negative pressure air from an area of the roof through special openings that are suitably filtered for a much cleaner air intake.

It is also possible to pressurize the internal environment by adding a plenum on the roof openings and an inlet AHU, in order to introduce pressurized air to obtain an even cleaner working environment.

By using the AHU, it is also possible to air-condition the booth as to electronically control temperature and humidity and configure a drying phase as well, all without the need for any construction work.

Pressurized liquid painting booths with vertical flow

Pressurized coating cabins are the most professional, being equipped with:

  • vertical flow
  • filtering plenum with total coverage of the roof
  • filtering floor

This way, the air flow is more homogeneous than in the above-mentioned types of painting booths, and the working environment conditions are constant over time. These are features that guarantee an optimal environment for the application of the paint as well as the safety of the operators.

In this case it is necessary to use one or more AHUs in supply and extraction to maintain a constant aeraulic balance of the system and to ensure the temperature and humidity of the air in the booth to be constant over time.

For best results, Eurotherm engineers recommend an excavation to be made under the grate, although it is possible – through a raised structure – to construct the cabin without any building work.

For specific applications, it is also possible to provide floor filtration with water cones instead of dry filtration.

Liquid painting cabin with drying phase, “etuvage”

All of our pressurized painting cabins can be configured with a drying function.

During the drying phase, the suction wall does not come into operation and thus the air, taken by the AHU directly from inside the booth through electro-actuated dampers, is heated and reintroduced into the cabin.

This way, constant air recirculation is created, thus allowing the temperature to rise up to about 60°C and therefore enabling the rapid drying of the pieces.

FAQs about Eurotherm liquid coating cabins

What are the dimensions of the painting booths?

We mainly manufacture bespoke cabins, designed to meet any production or space requirements. Our technical team will provide you with the best advice, from design to testing.

How do the pieces enter the coating cabins?

The entrance of the pieces into Eurotherm painting booths can take place, depending on the needs, either by overhead crane or overhead conveyor. It is however also possible to use trolleys or forklifts.

What fields do Eurotherm painting booths operate for?

The main fields are industrial (light and heavy carpentry), aeronautical, railway, naval, piping – oil and gas – automotive, furniture, restoration.

What types of liquid coating can be used in the cabins?

The coating must be chosen depending on the surface to be coated as well as on the end result you wish to achieve. Our technical department will support you in your choice, following the technical phases of the coating process step by step.

Are Eurotherm liquid coating booths covered by warranty?

The booth and all of its components are covered by warranty as per current legislation.

Are the painting cabins built with or without foundations?

The booths do not require any construction work to be carried out, except in the case of vertical flow booths. In the latter case, air filtration and recycling will take place within the foundations, while in other cases raised bases will be designed.

Painting booths without foundations can be easily disassembled and reassembled in another location and can be a good solution for companies that, for example, need to work in rented warehouses or need to carry out particular temporary works.

Our technical team can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Does Eurotherm also design complete workflows?

We design and build painting booths that can be assembled in line with washing, drying and low temperature drying ovens to ensure a complete workflow, depending on your needs.

Eurotherm creates innovative solutions to meet all needs.

Contact us and tell us about your business for a customized quote.

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