Painting equipment undergoes constant pressure due to the shocks and vibrations it endures during each processing operation, which, if neglected, can be the cause of premature wear and tear on the equipment, resulting in a drop in performance and, in the worst cases, can lead to unexpected malfunctions or breakdowns.

Over the years, we have structured ourselves to provide targeted assistance to address the various issues that can occur during the life cycle of our systems:

  • Remote assistance to understand and isolate the malfunction or resolve it;
  • Quick supply of components to be replaced, if not among those of primary urgency;
  • On-site emergency response, we have several teams of technicians who can respond within 24/48 hours in Italy and abroad;
  • Preventive maintenance, routine maintenance interventions with a cadence to be agreed upon, depending on the type of system;
  • Customer’s staff training, with dedicated training programmes.
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Emergency response within 24/48 hours

Eurotherm’s service department has an emergency response system to ensure that a technician is out within 24/48 hours in Italy and abroad.

From the operations centre, technicians and engineers firstly take care to understand the real causes of the system blockage or malfunction. In many cases, it is sufficient to assist the customer remotely to guide them with the repair on their own so as to put them in a position to restart rapidly.

This is precisely why we advise customers to have a minimum quantity of primary emergency parts (varying depending on the type of system).

If, on the other hand, on-site intervention is required, the service department, once the problem has been identified, sources the necessary material for extraordinary maintenance operations and sends the emergency response team to the customer’s plant site.

In fact, our many teams offer all-round assistance on both the mechanical and electrical parts to effectively deal with any system malfunction.

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Preventive maintenance

We know how difficult it is for a company to schedule a production stoppage, but scheduling preventive maintenance is a prime concern.  In fact, the situation could become far more critical if there is an unexpected downtime due to extraordinary events, such as accidental breakages or jams, which can slow down or stop the entire production chain.

Preventive maintenance of coating plants aims at:

  • Extending the lifespan of the system;
  • Maintaining unaltered efficiency;
  • Ensuring work safety;
  • Highlighting problems that, if neglected, can evolve into more serious and costly situations;
  • Reducing economic losses due to periods of forced downtime.

It is for these reasons that we always suggest regular maintenance at least annually. A kind of “check-up” in which Eurotherm technicians check the entire operation of the system and individual passages.

Some of the checks that are carried out during preventive maintenance include:

  • Checking alignments and structural tolerances
  • Checking bolt tightening
  • Checking and replacing worn parts
  • Checking moving parts and greasing
  • Checking of ventilation organs
  • Checking for proper functioning of safeties
Manutenzione impianti Eurotherm

Staff training

This is a service Eurotherm provides to companies that are not experienced in the field of painting yet. In these cases, we structure a dedicated training programme for the client company’s personnel at our two painting lines located in our Volpiano (TO) facility, to teach them all the functions of the equipment they are going to use.

A trained staff not only speeds up and optimizes production, but is also one of the factors that help prevent misbehaviour, thus extending the life of the system and the safety of the workers.

We can also use a fake one of internal staff working.

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