Powder coating systems

Eurotherm powder coating system are assembled by a team of technicians who are always fully available, and are designed to suit any production requirements your company presents

Our systems are designed to contribute effectively to:

– guarantee great flexibility of management

– enable high energy saving

reduce waste,

– improve the quality and safety of the working environment,

respect the environment.

Such are the challenges we face every day in order to offer our customers the highest quality for their coating systems.

Powder coating system equipped with Transition 4.0 structure

Eurotherm powder coating systems are designed to allow the control of the status and operation of individual machines at any time, while reporting any anomalies and how the work is progressing.

The systems are designed to be connected to production lines in full compliance with the parameters required by the regulations of the Transition Plan 4.0.

Manual powder coating systems

This type of system is ideal for small batches of work and many color changes.

The advantages of this type of system are:

  • possibility of processing small batches of different sizes and different colors simultaneously,
  • energy saving as the machines are turned on only during actual use, thus avoiding heat dispersion,
  • great flexibility in managing of the work cycles, which are highly customizable by the operators.

The manual coating system is so versatile precisely because the system can be expanded over time. Starting with a small investment, for example with a powder coating booth, an oven and a small conveyor connecting them, it is possible to expand it afterwards depending on the needs that arise and the evolution of the company itself. For example, you can add a lift station, a washing cabin, a liquid coating booth and even a metallization booth.

When compared to an automatic system, in fact, a manual coating system does not require major changes to the structure in order to integrate it with additional machinery to meet new needs and different functionalities.

impianto di verniciatura a polvere manuale

What does a manual powder coating system consist of?

Depending on your specific needs, the space that is available, the type of desired treatment and the type of pieces to be painted, manual powder coating systems can be composed of:

  • Sandblasting booth

The sandblasting pre-treatment, through metal grit, stainless steel grit or other abrasive material, is fundamental to remove oxidation, incrustations, paints or other impurities. Sandblasting is also a key step for surfaces that have already been cleaned, as it guarantees the degree of roughness that is necessary for the subsequent coating.

Sandblasting cabins are equipped with Clemco sandblasting machines and can be fitted with total or partial grit recovery systems.

We recommend to check out the page about Eurotherm sandblasting cabins for further details.

  • Manual washing cabin or automatic washing cell

Washing is another type of pre-treatment that is used to prepare the surface of the piece for the subsequent coating phase. Through chemical aggression, the surface of the piece is prepared in order to allow for optimal finishing of the subsequent coating treatments.

The powder painting booths are equipped with a manual pressure washer and a system for the recovery of sprayed liquids.

We recommend to check out the page about Eurotherm washing booths for further information.

  • Powder coating booth

This is the ideal environment to apply powder to manufactured goods in. In fact, the constant air flow avoids the saturation of the powder in the working environment, while the high filtration capacity of the drawn air avoids the dispersion of powder outside.

The powder coating booths are available in different configurations and accessories to always guarantee a quality, fast and flexible coating.

We recommend to check out the page about Eurotherm powder coating booths for further details.

  • Drying and polymerization oven

Finally, the drying and curing oven is an essential element. Built for objects of any shape and size, curing ovens are designed to work at high temperatures between 180°C and 220°C.

They can also be equipped with heat recovery systems and are usually made with air vein combustion system, combustion chamber or electric heating systems, depending on the specific requirements.

We recommend to check out the page about Eurotherm curing ovens for further details.

  • Overhead conveyor with manual handling of pieces

Often underestimated, the overhead conveyor is the heart of the system and, in fact, the connecting element between all the machines.

Through the overhead conveyor, in fact, all the pieces are hung on the transport gauges and moved manually from one part of the system to another, without ever having to be removed or moved individually, thus raising overall efficiency.

Manual handling is only limited to moving the carriage and dragging the gauges that transport all the pieces to the various treatment zones. From the loading and unloading area to the oven, passing through the washing cabin and the powder coating booth: all movements take place with maximum flexibility.

The carriage can also be easily motorized to allow the movement of more than one gauge at the same time. Finally, the loading and unloading area can be accessorized with a lifting station that allows the loading rack to be raised or lowered at eye level, thus facilitating the loading and unloading of pieces from the system without the use of ladders or other means.

Practical powder coating course

Within our premises we run free practical courses to train the employees of our customers’ coating systems in order to make them autonomous when employing of powder coating.

We organize from 3 to 5 days of training together with the customer’s staff who will work directly on the machines, in order to become familiar with all the operating mechanisms of the powder coating systems.

Automatic powder coating systems

Automatic powder coating systems are designed for large-scale production. In fact, they come in when it’s needed to paint large batches without numerous color changes.

The automatic handling of the pieces in the different treatment areas of the system makes it flexible and suitable for simultaneous painting of large quantities of medium-large pieces of different shapes.

The advantages of the high production rate are balanced with the system’s larger size and greater energy requirements. In fact, these plants require higher energy consumption, which is why Eurotherm’s goal is out of doubt energy saving. An increasingly pressing issue in recent years that has led many companies to come to terms with system management costs.

What do automatic powder coating systems consist of?

As with manual systems, the composition of automatic powder coating systems depends directly on the specific needs of your company: from space to type of processing.

The distinguishing element is the different type of automatic conveyor: in the step-by-step systems, a complex two-rail conveyor is used to manage the single rails and transport them to the various areas “on demand”, while in the non-stop systems a simpler advancing monorail conveyor – defined as “continuous” – is used.

Step-by-step powder coating systems

In this type of powder coating systems the different processing zones are separated by automatic doors, and the automatic handling of the pieces is assigned to the two-rail conveyor.

Although the two-rail conveyor and the automatic doors increase the overall complexity of the system, its advantages are obvious: the doors, as well as preventing the heat dispersion outside, increase the insulation between the different zones, thus making this type of system compact in size and energy-efficient in operation.

It is a solution which allows a flexible working cycle suitable for processing large batches with reasonable consumption.

Non-stop powder coating systems

These are non-stop cycle systems that allow to load the raw product directly on the monorail conveyor so that the piece undergoes, in sequence, all the processing phases without ever stopping: from washing to painting, from baking to cooling and unloading of the pieces.

Continuous automatic systems, by their very own design, are not equipped with doors precisely because the pieces are kept in constant advancement. For this reason they are the type of system that requires the highest energy consumption, counterbalanced by the highest operating speed with less production flexibility, and therefore suitable for the larger production of batches.

Eurotherm creates innovative solutions to meet all needs.

Contact us and tell us about your business for a customized quote.

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