Manual powder coating system with INDUSTRY 4.0

Is a flexible system, suitable for the painting of big and small parts of different batches of colours simultaneously, equipped with a manual overhead conveyor which allows the transport of the parts to be treated along the entire production line. Therefore, there is no need to load and unload them to carry out each of the individual treatments.

It’s also equipped with INDUSTRY 4.0 system that allows you to check at any time the on-line anomalies of individual machines with display operating status and work progress.

The plant in detail is as follows:

  • Blasting cabin with total recovery system of the grit through floor scrapers and bucket elevator.
  • Manual washing cabin with liquid cleaner and retrieval system sprayed to zero discharge.
  • Painting cabin with manual powder.
  • Drying oven / baking powder with gelling function.
  • Air conveyor for transporting the pieces provided with:
    Semi-automatic transfer system.
    Lifting station for loading / unloading pieces on the conveyor.